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How can I link a domain name to Teamspeak 3 - Domains Feb 03, 2020 TeamSpeak doesn't work - DNS & Network - Cloudflare Community A Record to your TS IP: ts.domain.com 123.456.789.001 works on Be aware to use the correct port in your SRV record. 9987 is default. Afaik this only works with this combination. Teamspeak 3 was an exception for non http traffic proxied through Cloudflare. Software to hide your IP address with? | Yahoo Answers Oct 04, 2008 How to hide IP address while livestreaming - Quora

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If this is your first time using your Teamspeak 3 BOT, you'll need to access your control panel in order to configure and customize your BOT settings. This video tutorial will show you how to retrieve your Teamspeak User ID or Teamspeak GUID. Your TS3 GUID or USER ID is a unique combinations of letters and numbers that represent you connecting

That’s it. You should now be able to connect to your TS Server, using the address ‘ts.yourdomain.com:9987’. Additional info: You still need to add the port within your Teamspeak Client, to connect to your server: This DNS record will not hide your TS IP address comnpletely even though ‘ts.yourdomain.com’ is set to !

In the recent rush of new AVP activity I've decided to make my TeamSpeak 3 server "Olde's Hive" available for AVP fans and players to use. Hopefully this can become a new place where people can come to play games and otherwise discuss AVP stuff.